About Us

Our Mission is to provide children, youth, and adults the opportunities to

– discover the ways and wonders of many forms in nature, experiencing with their 5 senses (smell, hear, touch, see, and taste),

– use the aforementioned experiences to grow in Mind, Body, and Stewardship:

  • Mind – Hands on activities with artifacts; live specimens as appropriate, use of microscopes and other equipment; programs support The South Carolina Standards and Performance Indicators and can be custom-tailored to match a classroom or interest topics
  • Body – Moderate physical exercises to compare and study animal and human capabilities, similarities and differences
  • Stewardship – Learn about and how to model stewardship of the natural world in daily life.

In 2016, with encouragement from our Presbytery staff, an application was submitted for and we gratefully received assistance from the PC USA Undesignated Restricted Funds, line item “Mission program with preference given to advocacy for Environment and Evangelism”. Thus the new 501c3 non-profit corporation, “Critters and More, On-The Go!” officially begun!

Board of Directors

President: Manella Calhoun

Vice President: Annette Godsey

Secretary: Sue Watts

Treasurer: DuPre Calhoun

Advisor: Bob Bryant